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At Feiss, we strive to provide the highest quality in all our products. Please contacts us at the number below if you have a technical question or problem with our products. We look forward to hearing from you and hope you are enjoying all of your Feiss products.

Customer Care:
Hours 8:00am - 6:30pm EST M-F
Toll-Free 1.800.969.3347
Fax 1.866.490.7765
Email: customerservice@generation-brands.com

Sales Policy:
Email Sales@Feiss.com
Feiss products are only available through authorized Feiss dealers throughout the US and Canada. For a list of dealers nearest you please use the 'Lighting Dealers' link below.

Email gbrecruiting@generation-brands.com
If you are interested in an exciting and rewarding career in lighting fixture sales, send an email to gbrecruiting@generation-brands.com with your inquiry.


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