Feiss California Title 24


California Title 24

Effective January 1st, 2017, California has updated its Title 24 energy standards to align with the most recent available LED technology in the market. This may affect the use of existing Feiss LED products in California, and present some opportunities to use the majority of the Feiss line along with qualifying LED replacement lamps.

With the advances in LED replacement lamp technology, California is mandating the usage of high efficacy-qualifying lamps. Therefore, both integrated LED and legacy light source screw based sockets will be required to be high efficacy per the CEC's requirements.

To help make navigating the Feiss product line easier, we have some simple guidelines to follow for Residential installations:

Outdoor Lighting:

Indoor Lighting:

Please use these guidelines when selecting a Feiss lighting fixture for new installations in California. If you have any questions, and for additional information about the California Energy Commission's Title 24 program, reach out to your local Feiss Sales Representative or visit: www.energy.ca.gov

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